Bookkeeping Testimonials

Print2go Johannesburg OWNER reference – Debbie is TRUSTWEORTHY, Efficient and RELIABLE.

Often in small business admin is the first casualty, as owners are pre occupied with the all important task of making money.

In our case, after many sub standard bookkeeping experiences, we have learnt the value of accuracy, competency and having the correct data available enabling us to make the right decisions for our business.

After much frustration we took on the services of In a Pickle Bookkeeping at a time when our books were less than satisfactory. The value of this, as opposed relying solely on internal employees, is that you engage the services of someone with a broad spectrum of bookkeeping know how and who has a real interest in your requirements.

Debbie has successfully unravelled and straightened out our bookkeeping issues and tax obligations to the point where we have full confidence that our admin is taken care of.  She has also helped with internal systems and structures in line with best practice and watches over these meticulously.

As an individual Debbie is easy to work with whilst retaining a professional and disciplined approach to the requirements of running a business.  Her specialized experience in bookkeeping often provides solutions and options that would have otherwise been unavailable to us.  Thanks for the help Debbie. Glad to have found you.

Keep up the good work.

Martin Barbour
Owner Print 2 Go


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