Debbie Vernon Background


My background & training is Accounting. I am a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (M.I.C.B.).

When I relocated to Johannesburg from Cape Town in 2006, my entrepreneurial mind realised there was an accounting need for small businesses that didn’t need a full or even ½ day Bookkeeper. There was a need for someone to setup up systems to assist with the day to day running of the business & to oversee and finalise accounts on a monthly basis.

Having had Donut Dreams for 12 years and having the benefit of hindsight, I saw the need to outsource the accounting function to a part-time bookkeeper, which would ensure that the systems and accounting were correct and would free up the business owner’s time to concentrate on growing & expanding the business.

Having had my own business for 12 years and trying to take care of all aspects, I was very aware of where the pitfalls were and how quickly things could go wrong without the proper systems, accounting & compliance in place.

It has been my experience that many SMME’s neglect this side of their business & don’t realise how important it is …… until it is too late & often with disastrous results!

My main focus has been to assist businesses whose books are in arrears, or have been messed up by previous, inept people who call themselves bookkeepers.

The challenge is that the average business owner doesn’t KNOW what to look for or how to read Management or Financial Statements & so are completely oblivious to the fact that what they are paying for is complete garbage!

Some of the things I have seen are quite frightening & I truly feel for the clients when I have to tell them that what they have paid for is useless and has to be redone, at further expense to them.

I set up systems, and explain to the client what I am doing and why and encourage them to ask questions so that they understand what they are paying for and how to use the information.

It is my hope that by “teaching them to fish” that they will have more knowledge and ability to KNOW what they are looking at and to be able to use that information in an effective manner to make intelligent, informed business decisions.

I catch up their arrears accounts or correct them and then assist them on a consultant basis to ensure that the accounting systems continue to run smoothly.

I also teach and coach my clients to be more aware of the importance of correct business figures and how to do their day to day basic book keeping.

I have operated as a Coach, Troubleshooter & Problem Solver for SMME’s for the last 4 years.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Evaluate & set up systems
  • Process accounts to Balance Sheet
  • Reconcile the VAT & PAYE accounts.
  • Year End Journals ( Depreciation, Lease Interest, etc)
  • Prepare an Accounting/ Audit file for Accountants/Auditors, which save on costs for my clients at year end.
  • Proficient on Pastel Xpress & Partner.
  • Teach & Mentor clients.

I believe that the value I have to offer lies in the combination of my extensive Accounting knowledge and skills, and the entrepreneurial, hands-on-experience I have gained, 1st hand, from owning and running my own business…Plus I also have the insights I have gained from what’s been experienced by other small business Entrepreneurs that I have assisted, supported and trained.

It is a dream and intention of mine to be able to impart the wisdom & knowledge gained to those who are ready to learn & grow & to watch them succeed & prosper.